Miracle Fruit

Miracle Fruit was the winner of the 2001 Tupelo Press Judge’s Prize.

Praise for Miracle Fruit:

“The language of these poems seems to be handled effortlessly; it is both crafted and conversational. The poems in Miracle Fruit aim to create harmony and to make the ordinary magical—and they succeed.”

— Women’s Review of Books

“The success of these poems rests partly in the poet’s skill w/ an eclectic menu of recipies…appetizing and effective…something to satisfy nearly every palate.”
— NewPages Book Review

“Like Robert Hass, Nezhukumatathil ends her best poems with the most striking image…her world comes out that way: sensuous, brightly-colored, and deliciously new.”
— Court Green Magazine

“[Her poems] have great imagination…carefully and colorfully written.”
— South Asian Women’s Network

“It is what I hope all debut collections should be: raw, exhuberant, unforgettable.”
— Third Coast

“The pleasure of this collection is Nezhukumatathil’s willingness to share with the reader her…sense of wonder at the physical world, her delight in sensuality, as well as a certain gentle wisdom in understanding and interpreting human relationships.”
— Indiana Review

“With a lovely, effective poem about elephants, a boat-shaped poem whereby “The Bonsai Master’s Daughter Breaks Her Silence” and a “Canticle with Sea Worm” (“blessed be juice and raspberry vodka”), the Miracle Fruit of Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s debut comes through in light bursts of clear sensuality and joy.”
–Publisher’s Weekly

“…one of the most distinctive and promising new voices…[Miracle Fruit] displays an excellent range and command of verse form…”
–The Buffalo News

“…here was a miracle voice in poetry, still so young and, indeed, fresh, and yet so assured, with fine touches manifesting mastery of tropes and other tricks…”
–The Philippine Star

“Aimee Nezhukumatathil has nothing to apologize to her readers for in this satisfying first book…it represents a talent…”
–Crab Orchard Review

“[Nezhukumatathil’s] poetry is fresh and tireless…each poem is focused and bright, each moment acting as if caught within the excited state of a molecule…skillfully humorous and charming…”
–Mid-American Review

“As long as you remain in the folds of Miracle Fruit, your world will stay intact, colorful, and sweet.”
–Meridian, the semi-annual from The University of Virginia

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